1 December 2014

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The Collectiv Q

  • Dynamic
    Movement must be as natural as the wind.
  • Velma
    nassau, the bahamas
    my hair gives me an added confidence
  • Elisha
    New York
    Quality vs quantity
  • Carmen
    Greenville, SC
    When my hair looks great, all is good with the world!
  • Karin
    My hair is my umbrella.
  • Tee
    Life is too short to have boring hair.
  • Pat
    Oakland, CA
    Mo Hair, Mo Better!
  • Justina
    Georgetown, TX
    Greatness is being on top. Just like my tresses.
  • shatara
    Chicago, IL
    God, Family, Hair.... Yes, it's that important!
  • Adrienne
    Arlington, Texas
    My Arjuni hair is a reflection of my attitude...Fierce!
  • Lisa
    United States
    I like my hair the way I like my handbags.....sleek and high-end
  • Kamaye
    Jamaica, NY
    My hair is an extension of me: beautiful and carefree
  • Kristie
    Chicago, IL
    My Hair….. Oh that's the no flex zone!
  • Nkechi
    Let your hair speak for you; tell the world you're fierce and fabulous!
  • Toni
    Can't get enough of it (HAIR)
  • jacqueline
    Baltimore, md
    Finding good hair is like finding a good man!!
  • Shelly
    Inglewood, Ca
    My life isn't perfect, but my Fabulous hair sure is!!
  • Hetty
    Altanta, GA
    Sure my life isn't perfect... But my hair is!
  • Joy
    If my hair looks good, I can fight any obstacle.
  • Joy
    Dallas, TX
    My style is like Lemonade, it will never Pop.
  • Antonia
    Saint Louis, Mo
    It's been said that a woman's hair is her glory...well thanks to all my glory...Curly C..Wavy C..WavyB & A too!! Arjuni you make me
  • Claudia
    If your hair doesn't flow in the wind, it's fake and pretend
  • lisha
    I like my hair wild but manageable
  • Tessy
    Essex, London
    The best way to make a statement is to make your hair a testament
  • Mimi jones
    Arjuni makes me a Virgin with every install!!!
  • Detra
    Greenwich, ct
    I love my hair glamorous yet sophisticated
  • erica
    titusville, florida
    Never Leave Home with out it.
  • Ashley
    Keep 'em guessing!
  • Tierra
    Beautiful hair makes a beautiful woman
  • Shandra
    Harper woods, Michigan
    Long and beautiful
  • Sungaya
    Rialto California
    I'll take Hair with that Please! And Honey Thank you!
  • Alima
    Charlotte, NC
    Hair laid, bills paid.
  • Daryl
    new york
    To have hair that best compliments my vibrant yet poised personality
  • Nikki
    new jersey
    I AM my hair!
  • Larissa
    Las Vegas, Nv
    I prefer my hair virgin with a Diva touch!
  • Dee
    New York, New York
    I like my hair the way I like the ocean, when it's full of waves!
  • Porscha
    The ultimate indulgent hair experience!
  • alicia
    looking beautiful at all times
  • Nikia
    United States
    If my hair isn't right then neither is my life.
  • Brooke
    Give me the right hair with the right luster and I can conquer the world!☆
  • Que
    Houston, Tx
    Just because you wear weave doesn't mean it has to look like it...
  • Candice
    You know you have good quality hair when u dont want to cut for a style
  • Abby
    Who can say no to curls :)
  • Samantha
    New Jersey
    Long hair don't Care!
  • Shunna
    Long hair never care!
  • Avon
    If it doesn't swing, you need to try again
  • Deann
    New york
    I love my hair like lions : Wild
  • Tanya
    Kansas City, MO
    If God didn't make it, fake it!!
  • Jay
    Great hair = higher self confidence Self confidence = success Success = unstoppable
  • Tiara
    Upper Marlboro
    I prefer pure raw hair straight from the source that is luscious and beautiful !
  • Jennifer Bridet
    United Kingdom
    Keep on keeping on
  • Glenda
    Flawless Hair! Flawless Me!
  • Whitney
    Happy People, And Healthy Hair Is My Type Of Positivity
  • Adaoma
    No bad hair day with Arjuni hair!
  • Nailah
    New York
    I prefer my hair like I prefer beyonce, Flawless.
  • Lakeisha
    West Palm Beach FL
    Cancer surviving Divas can have gorgeous hair too!
  • Stacey
    Los Angeles, CA
    Hair is the true essence of elegance....
  • Colette
    Orlando, FL
    "I like my money where I can see it-beautifully styled tresses!
  • monique
    Newark, New Jersey
    My arjuni virgin hair dazzles like diamonds. Hair princess...i woke up like this FLAWLESS!
  • Chioma
    Dublin, Ireland
    It's all about virginity, I still have mine!!!!
  • Lakeisha
    Cambridge, MA
    There may be bad days, but never bad hair days
  • Shannel
    Baltimore Maryland
    I prefer my hair like my men long beautiful amd gleaming;)
  • Lacy
    Long curly sexy
  • Chinenye
    Towson, MD
    If you don't have it, go out and buy it. There's no excuse not to look beautiful
  • Gina Rose
    Chicago, IL
    My hair...An illustration of who I am
  • Amashika
    Bronx, NY
    I need one thing in my life to be easy to manage and it just happens to be my hair. Thanks arjuni
  • Beverly
    Love the real thing
  • Yurica
    Chicago, IL
    There should be no such thing as a bad hair day
  • India
    My hair reaps the benefits of my hard work
  • Phyllis
    North Carolina
    My hair is like the baddest pair of shoes in my closet. I can't wait to rock it.
  • Sergine
    New York
    Wasn't into extensions till I met arjuni :-).
  • Mia
    Gorgeous Hair is the Best Revenge!
  • Denise
    Staying flawless from hair to toe...
  • Imani
    You're in a beauty contest every day of your life, make sure your hair is the winner!
  • Mariah
    Los Angeles
    You can never have a bad day when your hair is on point ! Hair is life!
  • Siri
    People always ask me how long it takes to do my hair. But I don't know, I'm never there.
  • Aneesah
    Louisville, KY
    Like my hips, my hair looks best when I wind it, wind it...
  • Daisha
    The bigger the hair, the happier I am!
  • Angela
    The only thing better than low maintenance would be no maintenance.
  • Maryam A
    Realistic looking Hair
  • Lakenya
    If your hair Anit fly neither are you .
  • Tiffany
  • Anicia Pierre
    My hair have to be like water; flexible, soft yet irresistible
  • Marie
    Okinawa Japan
    I'm a set and go kind of gal
  • Kimberly
    New Orleans
    I like my hair to be just like me... thick, dark, and GORGEOUS!
  • Selena
    Tampa, FL
    I am mother of 3, so I keep it simple but sexy!
  • Tia
    Low and gritty, like Janice Wilson likes to say..
    North Bethesda, MD
    I like my hair long and flowing
  • Jahnell
    Fremont ca
    I like my hair like I like my body. THICK!
  • Karina
    Brooklyn, NY
    My Mane Obsession !
    My Arjuni is flawless making outfits from sweats to a dress look amazing!
  • BJ
    Lagos Nigeria
    Hair must always be on point, come rain come shine.........never a bad hair day
  • Grace
    London, England. United Kingdom
    It has to be ethically sourced
  • Kim
    Long hair don't care
  • Janelle
    Life is too short for bad hair days
  • Heather
    Long, full, caramel, and curly.
  • Stacy
    Bowie, MD
    Im not perfect but my hair is.
  • Yolanda
  • Brittney
    Las Vegas
    "If can't achieve it when weave it"
  • Victoria
    East Stroudsburg, Pa
    Can't leave home without it!!!!
  • Reina
    Houston, TX
    BSS? What's that?
  • Nita
    Inglewood, CA
    When my hair looks good, I feel like I can take on the world!!!!
  • Regina
    The more natural the beauty the better.
  • Jovonka
    I like my hair like my diamonds.. Flawless..
  • Toshia
    Atlanta, GA
    Even though I grow it, I still sew it!
  • Andralyn
    Moreno Valley, CA
    Quality over price
  • Tonya
    I love my hair reflects who I am and want to be!
  • Dee
    I like my hair... wavy and wonderful all the way!
  • Nisha
    Virginia Beach, VA
    No, my life isn't perfect... But my Hair is!
  • Camaray
    All About Glam...The Longer The Better
  • LaTrell
    Missouri City, TX
    Bad hair day? What's that?
  • Jennifer
    Atlanta, Georgia
    Sure, my life isn't perfect... But my hair is, and let's face it, that's what really counts.
  • Arafat
    New York, NY
    I want my hair the way I want everything else in life; The BEST (I'd never settle for less)
  • Olivia
    A woman's beauty is her hair
  • Rhonda
    Pembroke Pines, Florida
    There's nothing like a beautiful head of hair.
  • Tiffanie Hester
    Antioch, Ca
  • Brittany
    Arjuni, the hair that's lasted longer then my relationships
  • Desiree
    New York
    It's Never a Too Much Or Too Big
  • Kescha
    Great Britain
    Bold and Beautiful
  • Karene
    New York
    I like my hair to be pure, genuine and Arjuni
  • Danielle
    My hair is my tiara! Long as my hair is slayed I can conquer any and everything.
  • Nicole
    Georgia, USA
    I like my hair and men the same ...big!
  • Shondalyn
    Tantalizing Tresses
  • Cristina
    Shine bright like a diamond.
  • Erlande
    Orlando FL
    When I walk in a room my hair demands attention
  • Brooke
    Washington, D.C.
    Love low low luster curly c
  • Lorraine
    Pembroke pines
    Hair is beauty
  • Michelle
    Oakland, CA
    The more hair, the better!
  • jeniece
    dayton, Ohio
    Simple yet stunning
  • Kemi
    Lagos, Nigeria
    If it is cheap, ditch it...
  • Karen
    Bronx New York
    Quality over Quantity.
  • Toyya Brawley
    Columbia, SC
    Always beautiful.
  • jazmin
    I like my hair like I like my food.. delectable & good quality!
  • Barbara
    New York City
    Anything is possible on a good hair day!!
  • Jana
    Port Arthur, TX
    My hair needs to match the rest of me-full curvy body!
  • Deandra Whyte
    Washington, D.C.
    I despise flat hair…give me body!
  • Whitney
    Detroit, MI
    Consistency is key. Good hair ain't cheap, cheap hair ain't good.
  • Carole
    New jersey
    My hair is who I am :unique
  • kierron
    Loma Linda, CA
    The bigger the BETTER
  • Annette
    Bolingbrook, il
    Perfect hair makes a happy woman!!
  • Rashida
    Cleveland Ohio
    I prefer my hair like my cat , no shedding
  • demetra
    van nuys, ca
    Look like a Queen with beautiful hair..
  • Coretha
    Will pay what it takes for beautiful tresses of hair!
  • victoria falkins
    united states of america
    Its all about quality.
  • Jalanii
    Chicago, IL
    Curly D hair, don't care
  • Josie
    Hair doesn't make me but I love the way it makes me feel and look!
  • Alexandra
    New Jersey
    I can be laughing or crying, curly or straight.
  • Nauricia
    Charlotte, NC
    Big. Beautiful and full of Life!
  • Cherry
    Saint Louis, Mo
    I don't have time for any fuss!
  • Cecelia Bethea
    Roselle, NJ
    When your hair looks good, you feel good!
  • Shena
    East Orange, NJ
    Fabulous Always, All The Time
  • melinda
    Charlotte, NC USA
    If my hair isn't right...I'm not right!
  • Tamika
    I love for my hair to be so laid it's knocking folks comatose.
  • Esther
    Washington D.C.
    I prefer my hair to express a courageous curl or a strategic straight.
  • Odufa
    I am only as beautiful as my hair.
  • Chemere
    Dallas TX
    Authentic, Thick , and Pricey like me .
  • Marcedes
    Life is too short to have boring hair.
  • Rebecca
    Slain Mane!
  • Adeseye
    New Jersey
    As long as my hair looks good, nothing else matters.
  • Ivorie
    Charlotte, NC
    Quality only.
  • Sharon
    Dallas tx
    No bad hair days!!!!
  • Shirl
    Columbia, SC, USA
    Your look isn't slayed until your hair is laid!
  • Allison
    Raleigh, NC
    I keep everything high (standards, heels, life) but I keep my luster low !
  • Doris
    New York
    more bounce to the ounce
  • Chasity
    Atlanta, GA.
    The longer the hair, the slimmer the waist
  • stephanie ogadi
    The bigger the better
  • Edi
    Simple slick chic
  • Kawana
    Detroit, Michigan
    I like my hair soft and silky so that it will blow freely in the wind!!
  • Tashima
    Baltimore, MD
    My hair is my first love
  • Tonnie
    Metro Atlanta
    Perfectly coiffed, curled, slicked, or straightened
  • Ramona
    Quality women wear quality hair!
  • Aja
    Hair is an extension of yourself.. Literally.
  • Krystal
    North Carolina
    I prefer my hair to flow and shine like the diamond I am!
  • Tiffany Hardy
    life may not be perfect but my hair sure is
  • Tee
    Korea l Seoul
    Never judge a book by it's cover but ALWAYS judge a lady by her hair!
  • Shannon
    You control the world with the confidence of your hair
  • Sunni
    Akron, Ohio
    Keep it sexy!
  • Ayo
    Long hair dont care!
  • Iona
  • Sunnee
    Quality matters.
  • Louise
    Federal Way, WA.
    Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful!!!!
  • Nalla
    I prefer my life, like I prefer my hair, long and healthy.
  • Tamara
    Bronx, NY
    I wear my hair big for my crown
  • Judith
    United States
    Good hair always!!
  • deidra
    I like my hair full of body and in tact
  • susie
    fort worth tx
    love the natural low luster
  • Chanel
    Washington DC
    As long as my hair is flawless, so am I.
  • Alexis
    Bowie, Maryland
    Just when you thought this was my real hair.....
  • shanequa
    big hair still don't care
  • Danika
    York, PA
    I like hair that is manageable
  • Carmen
    Athens, Georgia
    I love my hair!!
  • Kourtney
    Columbus, Ohio
    Bigger is better , longer is greater !
  • Courtney Lindsey
    The fuller the better.
  • Ashley
    West Palm Beach, FL
    Your hair is truly your beauty
  • Briana
    United States
    I like my hair thick with slip.
  • Tish
    Hair should be like make-up, adding to your beauty.
  • Alexandra
    Silver Spring MD
    Arjuni is the ONLY hair I will ever buy! Loyal Costumer!
  • Ludney
    My hair depends on my mood
  • Nikki
    I prefer my diamonds like my hair.....FLAWLESS!!!
  • Nicole
    New York
    I prefer a natural blend with minimal shine
  • Lauren
    Your face is like a work of art, thus it deserves a great frame.
  • Tequilla
    Cleveland, OH
    Beautiful and sleek.
  • Kayla
    Baltimore, MD, USA
    My hair determines my mood for the day!
  • Janelle
    A little length never hurt anybody
  • Fatima
    Low luster for life
  • Jasmine
    El Dorado, AR
    Quality hair with no Snag I'm putting in the Bag!
  • Veronique Dupuis
    Love having full thick healthy hair!
  • Eve Joseph
    Florida, USA
    When it doubt, order another ounce!
  • Sasha
    Maryland USA
    I don't like my hair to trash talk , talk is cheap
  • Negelle
    Atlanta, GA
    I prefer my crowning glory to be glorious!
  • Keturah Brown
    Less is more, strong, pure, fluffy, beautiful
  • Jennifer
    Flint, MI
    I love the kink in my hair!
  • Erica
    Beautifully Bouncing and behaving
  • sarah
    springfield ma
    Embrace the curls
  • Labrea
    I as the woman define my hair; but I always prefer it in high definition.
  • Layo
    New York
    I like my hair soft, sultry and dark - like the sky on a moonless night.
  • Clinteshia
    You get what you pay for
  • Tia
    San Diego, CA
    Sure, my life isn't perfect... But my Hair is!
  • Tejonne
    You get what you pay for and I like high quality hair
  • Tiffany
    Mobile Al
    Only the best for me
  • Twanica
    Atlanta, GA
    It's your whatever you want! Big hair--big dreams!
  • Paris
    Give me Glamor!
  • Remy
    Atlanta Ga
    Hair can be considered a expression of art.
  • Chisa
    Los Angeles, CA, USA
    If you can't tell it's not growing from my head, why should I tell you???
  • Brittany
    South Carolina
    Hair...A women's best accessory!
  • Nikitia
    Oakland, California
    I prefer for my man to accept my love for weaves.
  • Mari
    New York
    High-end yet low maintenance.
  • Marquette
    Houston, tx
    I am not my hair, but my hair is an extension of me
  • shanel
    New Jersy
    If imma do it, Imma do it rite :)
  • Jamie
    The longer the hair the better!
  • jazzette
    tampa fl usa
    my hair is crown and the glory of me
  • Mikka
    United States
    Everyday is a Great Day when you have Great Hair!
  • Christina
    Long hair don't care.
  • Aissa
    New York City
    Laid & Slayed
  • Leslie
    Shake n Go Gorgeousness
  • Tiffany
    New Jersey
    The bigger the better
  • Sophia
    Charlotte Metro Area
    Hair is a personal investment so choose wisely.
  • Debbie
    Big, beautiful, elegant, classy
  • Lea
    Being real is a state of mind
  • Conita
    "But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory for her, for her hair is given her for a covering" 1 Corinthians 11:15
  • Brittany
    New York
    The bigger the hair the closer to God
  • Carmen
    Greenvillle, SC
    I love my hair like I love my life, stress free!!
  • Kaletia
    florida usa
    Can't live without arjuni
  • April
    Houston Texas
    I need that get up and go hair!!
  • Linda
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    Bury me in the most luxurious human hair and know I will be smiling in heaven!
  • uche
    Mclean, Virginia
    I prefer my hair low luster and tight curly
  • Caterina
    Life is too short to have average hair.
  • Porscha
    New Orleans
    The bigger the hair the closer to God
  • rhonda
    Arjuni or bust!
  • Jaazaree
    Las Vegas
    Im glad you like, but please dont touch my hair.
  • Tenisha
    Columbus , ohio
    Easy, natural and long lasting. I have had my Arjuni for 4 years and it still looks great.
  • Dawn
    Natural hair, it's versatile!
  • Kendra
    I swear by my Weave!!!!!
  • Deonna
    Life is too short! The bigger the hair the better!
  • Adeline
    Washington, DC
    I'm about that hair life!!
  • Robyn
    Houston, TX
    Yes it's mine, I paid for it!
  • carla
    Atlanta GA
    My hair is my undergarment.
  • shade
    Lagos Nigeria
    I wake up beautiful with quality hair
  • Dominique
    St. Louis
    Buy from the best so that the tresses can be laid to the gods always
  • calisha fortner
    An expression of beauty that lies within a strand of neverending coils
  • jeneba
    Somerset, nj
    Yes this is my hair
  • Maleika
    California & Georgia
    Hair is like the cherry on a sundae or the whip cream on a frap!
  • Katrina
    Mind your mane!!!
  • Leticia
    Atlanta, GA
    Simply Sassy
  • Tammy
    United States
    The more the better, Hair that is!
  • Keira
    Bouncing and behaving
  • Yesenia Brown
    Steger , IL
    The bigger the better
  • Chatelly
    Dallas, Tx
    Soft with low lusture
  • angela
    waldorf md
    Smooth, black, curly, and tangle free
  • Shamekia
    Long hair, don't care.
  • Tameka Wiley
    I'm a simple woman....I only want the best.
  • Aunjel Warren
    "If it dont blend, dot put it in."
  • Mayowa
    Lagos, Nigeria
    Hair today, gone tomorrow!
  • Kenneth
    Bay area
    Great hair will get you stares!
  • ktema
    North Dakota
    Cute n Simple Big n Sexy
  • Nadia
    bloomfield cy
    i love arjuni
  • Brittany
    Chicago, Illinois
    Passionately protest mediocrity - in life, with men, and certainly with your tresses
  • Marcy
    Go big or get the teasing comb...
  • Sonya
    Shreveport, LA
    Quality hair and value is what I want to spend my hard earned dollars on.
  • Akunna
    Long natural spiral curls for this girl.
  • Jamila
    Be snatched at all times hunty
  • ashley Warner
    st.louis mo
    The bigger the better!
  • ijeoma
    Your hair is your image.... almost!
  • Sharowynn
    United States- Michigan
    Only the best; never settle for less.
  • Toshiana
    Hair is a great accesory. I love to express different hair moods!
  • Charlene
    If you got it, flaunt it!
  • Kristine
    London, On
    I like my hair like I like my men. Unpredictable.
  • Maria
    Kansas City, Ks
    Live for the best hair without exception.
  • Francena
    Hampton Virginia
    When it comes to my hair, I always have time to spare
  • Donnetta Perry
    perris ca
    sleek straight and clean
  • Trisha
    Big, luscious and soft!
  • Andrea
    New Jersey
    Drama is always best lots of volume
  • Rochelle
    The hair is a woman's best ornament
  • Kiahn
    Pearland, Texas
    Your hair is more important than what you wear... Extend your hair extend your beauty!
  • Alnessa
    New Orleans
    My hair is my best accessory
  • Tequila
    Chicago, IL
    The bigger the better!
  • Krystal
    the bigger the better!
  • Arlevia
    The bigger the hair the closer to GOD!
  • Carlyn
    Starkville, MS
    I am my hair
  • Mo
    St.louis, Mo
    Always fly!
  • Natalynn
    United States
    Easy breezy and curly
  • Tonia
    Elmsford, ny
    I like natural looking hair
  • Titi
    They must think twice, and wonder if it's mine.
  • Funmi
    Less is more!
  • Bianca
    Working on my masterpiece
  • Preneeka
    Freeport, Bahamas
    You're never fully dressed without Arjuni.... oh and a smile ;)
  • Darchana
    Raleigh North Carolina, USA
    The baby hair queen
  • Candace
    Washington DC
    I'll pay for quality
  • Niyilola
    St.Louis MO
    My Crown has to be Exquisite
  • Elana
    Baltimore, Maryland
    "I woke up like this! (Flawless)"
  • Monica
    Big hair don't care.
  • Pacifyne
    New york, ny
    Nothing better than a good weave !
  • Tara
    Jersey City, NJ
    The Kinkier the better
  • Krystal
    New York
    Quality over quantity
  • Shanice Christopher
    Atlanta, GA
    Bounce and behave.
  • Dominique
    Rancho Cucamonga
    The more the better
  • Anthea
    Atlanta, GA
    My hair is the accessory that always complete the outfit.
  • Amahre
    Jacksonville, FL
    My hair is my signature
  • Tiffany
    Newark, NJ
    When I'm dead and gone, They will say "Her hair was always gorgeous!"
  • Tiffany
    Atlanta GA
    You get what you pay for!
  • Donisha
    I Love Change!
  • Tamara
    The longer the better
  • Ashley
    Kansas City
    Big Hair Don't Care
  • Maria
    Long hair don't care
  • Kamelis
    New York
    Big hair don't care
  • Crystal
    port saint lucie florida
    my hair woke up like this
  • Brandi
    Brooklyn. NY
    Healthy looking hair, signifies a healthy body.
  • Kenjila
    I choose Arjuni because its the best
  • Erin
    New Mexico
    Straight and sleek or curly and wild there are many sides to me.
  • Kristel
    If its not Arjuni, i don't want it
  • Kandee
    The bigger, the better!
  • velon
    The longer the better whatever makes you feel better.
  • Mary
    Houston, TX
    Sexy, Simple, Easy to Manage like ME
  • Bronze
    Light and free!
  • Kia
    I'm a hair snob .. Nothing but the best!
  • Ashley
    Columbus, OH
    I love my low luster hair
  • Toni Rosier
    Hair, yes, its that serious!
  • Ebony
    United States
    Whip that hair girl!
  • Angel
    Seattle, WA
    Get up and go hair.
  • Kayla Rankin
    Waynesboro ms
    I got 99 problems but my hair ain't 1!
  • kandis
    baton Rouge
    Rock it with confidence
  • Britney
    Raleigh, NC
    Live by LOVING what you do
  • Amanda
    Long hair don't care and I don't either!
  • Alexis
    Big hair and always care!
  • Keesha
    Natural Hair extensions , says your stylist knows what she's doing !
  • Tremele
    Sexy long hair for my man to play with...
  • Isha
    London, UK
    Àlways the best
  • Candice
    Big Hair. Don't Care.
  • Angela
    United States
    I like my hair like I like my shoes piled and full of volume
  • Leila
    United States
    More money, more weave
  • Jamela
    New York
    I love to keep my money where I can see it. On my head :)
  • Rabben
    United States
    My Arjuni is everything!!
  • Ursula
    Chicago, Il
    Smart people talk while wise people listen.
  • Jeanine Walters
    New York
    Just tuck and go!
  • Narleen
    Netherlands Antilles
    My hair brings out the best in ME!!
  • Angela
    Go wild
  • Michelle
    I can leave the house with no make up, but my hair MUST be done!
  • asibi a carnegie
    Hair is my crown of glory I love it long and natural!!!
  • April
    Houston, TX
    Your Hair Is Your Glory
  • crystal
    fort worth tx
    Quality hair is best
  • LaDonna
    Oklahoma City
    I love hair that loves me
  • amber
    San Francisco
    I like my hair to match my strength and confidence.
  • Coretta
    Los Angeles
    A good hair day is a good day.
  • Rachel
    Brockton, MA
    No tangles or snags. Little to no shedding then I'm good to go
  • kendra
    Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.
  • Morenike
    Boston, MA
    Authentic is the only way...
  • Bionca
    Thick and black
  • Angela
    Life is too short to have boring, average hair.
  • Teliza
    New York City, NY
    My hair, my life
    Port harcourt, Nigeria
    Looking good is good business
  • Daniella
    Stamford, CT
    Minimal fuss, maximum quality!
  • Cherena
    Louisville, ky
    My hair is not an accessory, it's a necessity
  • deshonta meares
    I'm a natural woman
  • Jessica Reneé
    New Orleans, LA
    K.I.S.S. Kept. It. Simple. Stupid.
  • Faramade
    London UK
    Hair is a woman's beauty!!
  • Toulia
    Protect the shrinkage.
  • Kimberly
    Chicago, IL
    Beauty is in the details; only the best!
  • Denise
    Yonkers , New York
    Only the best !!!..
  • Deborah
    Brooklyn New York
    Your hair is your beauty
  • Ogoamaka
    Atlanta, GA
    I love thick luxurious hair
  • Kimina
    Carthage NC
    Natural Looking hair
  • Marlene
    Philadelphia, PA
    Low maintenance and beautiful
  • Darlene
    North Carolina
    Life is too short for bad hair or raggedy shoes..
  • Whitney Worthy
    Bowie, Maryland
    Arjuni is the best, why settle for less.
  • deldrick
    Dallas Texas
    I love to look fabulous
  • Wymecia
    Horn Lake, MS
    Girls love hair
  • Lesley
    United states states
    Im bougie about my hair.
  • Alicia
    Los Angeles, CA
    anyhair, anytime!
  • Sharnitta
    Sure, my life isn't PERFECT but my HAIR is.
  • Marshan
    Washington DC
    If tint ARJUNI then I am not buying it, PERIOD
  • Widza
    United States
    A diva hair is always done right...
  • noel
    With more tress there is less stress
  • ambriele briggs
    atlanta ga
    Do what you want when you want
  • Sylvie
    Love curly and healthy hair
  • Tamara
    Charlotte, NC
    Wake up shake and go
  • Christina
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    First impression makes the best impression
  • Jaryn
    United States
    The bigger the better
  • Ms. Cawelle
    Round lake llinois
    Life is too short to have a bad hair day!
  • Nene
    Great hair! Great day
  • Rachael
    Toronto, ON Canada
    Authentic, Irresistible, and Timeless
  • Shauna
    Los Angeles
    If the hair is wrong, everything is wrong
  • Alana
    Washington DC
    Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.
  • Amanda
    Brooklyn, NY
    The bigger the better
  • Crystal
    I need the best quality
  • Meredith
    Does it require more than 5 minutes in the morning? no. Great!!
  • Francelia
    Arlington Tx
    How you maintain your hair is a reflection of how you maintain your life.
  • Arafa
    Abuja nigeria
    Nothing feels as good as good hair....
  • Vera
    You can never have too much, too long, or too short.
  • Carlisa
    Hair is everything! Everything.
  • Diandra
    Baldwin, NY
    I love big hair
  • Jessica
    The coarser the better
  • Yolanda Spearman
    You bought it, so it's your's!
  • kourtney
    helena, al
    The bigger the hair the closer to God
  • Anna
    San Marcos
    It doesn't matter if it's real or not, as long as it looks good to you, that's all that matters.
  • Sydney
    I love thick, wavy, juicy hair.
  • Tisa
    Memphis, TN
    Juicy curls for juicy girls!!!
  • Tia
    New York
    Love hair like I love
  • Sinead
    United Kingdom
    It's you're crown
  • T. Nicole
    Los Angeles
    If you've got it, flaunt it.
  • Katie
    Change it up, keep them guessing
  • Cecile
    Walk in looking good .walk out looking great that's why I love my hair.
  • Sheena
    Washington DC USA
    I prefer hair similar to my hair type-Natural and nappy!
  • Dionne
    Baton Rouge
    Beautiful hair, beautiful spirit!
  • Candyce
    Houston, TX
    It's just hair. Try it.
  • Caroline Reser
    Elmont, NY
    rock those curls!
  • Shaprintace
    Los Angeles, CA
    Minimal fuss, strong wefts , quality hair
  • Louise
    I love hair
  • Patricia-Sonja
    Long Beach, CA
    Manageable. No restrictions allowed.
  • Adrianna
    Tampa Fl
    Gorgeous hair is the best revenge
  • Shellee
    If it's not Arjuni, it's Virginity cannot be trusted.
  • Brittany
    Chicago, il
    Classic and gorgeous
  • Ann Marie
    Atlanta ga
    Flawless quality
  • Keisha
    Luxurious, lavish and full of body baby!
  • Nefertari
    Coral Springs
    Minimal fuss
  • Chauna
    United states
    New hair always makes a difference!
  • Kawana
    Detroit Michigan
    I prefer my hair smooth and soft like kitten fur!
  • Tomeka
    Franklin, TN
    When my hair looks good, everything else falls into place.
  • Charmaine
    I prefer my hair big!
  • Aka
    Dfw Texas
    Quality over Quantity
  • Kameke
    Inglewood, Ca
    Great hair. Great life.
  • christina
    London, United Kingdom
    Beautiful hair makes me feel beautiful
  • Candace
    Las Vegas, NV
    Unparallel uniqueness in a sea of replica's.
  • Shaunda
    United States-Georgia
    Long hair, don't care!!
  • Christyn
  • Tabatha
    I prefer my men the same way I like my hair! No dipping, no swerving!
  • Tamara
    Beautiful tresses, like beautiful women are rare, exotic and exquisite to the touch.
  • Tasha
    United States
    The bigger the hair, the closer to Jesus!
  • Tschanna
    Durham NC
    Low maintenance is how I roll
  • Simona
    If it can't blow, it can't go...
  • LaRhonda
    Birmingham, Al
    I can fake it til I make it!
  • Zee
    Simple and natural
  • Sonya
    Hammond, IN USA
    Because of my disease, my hair strands are thin, but as long as I have weave attached, I will always win.
  • Telisha
    United States
    Great hair equals less stress
  • Cherish
    A persons hair can make or break them. Don't get caught looking like a bad split end.
  • Klarke
    South Carolina
    The bigger the hair, the closer to God
  • Bridget
    Pensacola Florida
    If the hair is not long, you've gone wrong
  • Nash
    Weave is an addition I just can't live with out.
  • Chantaya Greene
    New York, NY
    If you can't achieve it, WEAVE IT!!!!
    Washington, DC
    Big Hair...BIg Dreams
  • Julia
    Dallas, TX
    Hair is just an another accessory
  • Reanetta James
    Detroit Michigan
    I prefer my hair natural, believable, manageable ane luxurious
  • Felicia
    I perfer natural hair not so fussy
  • Jodi
    Atlanta GA
    Hair is like whoopy. A good ounce and a good lay will brighten a lady's day!
  • Nikeisha
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Your hair is the crown you never take off.
  • Janae Mattie
    Your hair means more then what you wear
  • Renae
    Bahamas and Philadelphia
    My hair my flare
  • Danielle
    houston, texas
    Long hair don't care
  • Lily
    New Jersey
    Hair is my crown
  • Tiffini
    Kansas city
    I want to make everyday a good hair day.
  • Shauntae
    Miami, florida
    Yes, She did!!..
  • jessika
    United states
    The bigger the better!
  • La'Shannon
    Sacramento, CA
    Make it last
  • Ejiro
    Laid to the gods!!
  • Laura
    The better your hair, the worst you can behave
  • Erin
    I like my hair like I like my money. long
  • Mahalia
    United states
    Soft wavy locks that's will put natural hair to shame.
  • Princess Good
    Chicago, IL
    Long hair don't care.
  • Quilla
    Greensboro, North Carolina
    Hair is an expression of who you are so be free with it, be wild, be reckless if you want. Cut it, change it, love it! It's the easiest
  • LaVondra
    San Antonio, Tx
    The right hair and makeup can give a woman the confidence to bring the world to its knees!
  • Sarita Knox
    Orlando, Florida
    If it ain't kinky, I don't want it.
  • camelia
    houston tx
    Quality is a must
  • TeCora
    I like my hair full, pretty, and bouncy!
  • Lateshia
    long beach California
    My hair, my crown.
  • chevella
    keep it fresh
  • Nicki
    Clarksville, TN
    If it isn't Arjuni, it isn't for me.
  • Evelyn
    My hair is my accessorie and it has to stay on point
  • Jaimee
    Durham, NC
    I bought it so it's mine.
  • Aleise
    New Jersey
    What's the point of wearing weave if it doesn't blend with your really hair
  • Kaleena
    New York
    I want my hair to last... And I want tons of it!
  • Allyson
    Brooklyn, NY
    Worth the investment because I am.
  • Tamara
    New York, NY
    I like my men how I like my hair. Straight!
  • Robbie
    If it looks au'naturel...then dammit, Im doin sumthn right!
  • Chigozie
    Houston TX
    All you need is love. . .and great hair.
  • Gwen
    Florham Park, NJ
    Long Hair, Don't Care!
  • Tiraya
    Bronx, NY
    Quality & quantity
  • Shirelle
    New Jersey
    Healthy hair under my quality extensions!!!!
  • Pamela
    Team wavy/curl low luster C
  • Khira
    The BIGGER the hair, the closer to Heaven!
  • Kierra
    Decatur, Al
    My attitude depends on my hair.
  • Hali
    Birmingham, Al
    Sexy Bedhead, all day everyday
  • Ahnastaceya
    Houston, TX
    a girl should be two things classy and fabulous!
  • Ebony
    Fort Worth, TX
    There is only 4 things a women needs in life; food, shelter, water.......and superior hair extensions
  • Jalissa
    The bigger the better. Everything's bigger in Texas.
  • Tiffany
    Las Vegas
    Give a girl the right hair and she can conquer the world!
  • Talon
    I love my hair like me, flawless and that is how I feel when wearing Arjuni!
  • Angela
    It must look real...and natural.
  • Tierra
    Hair must be flawless!
  • Kimberly
    Atlanta, Georgia
    Short or long, I will Rock it!
  • Tai
    Atlanta, GA
    The bigger...the better
  • Alana
    California , USA
    Big and curly >
  • Breanna
    Atlanta, GA
    Cost shouldn't be a factor when it's the highest of quality!
  • Dimishe
    Savannah ga
    I am easily satisfied with the very best.... Arjuni
  • Lisa
    Kent Washington
    I will never give up my hair affair
  • Val
    houston tx
    I like myself and my hair the same.,, all natural.
  • Brittaney
    A good hair day makes everything better.
  • Akua
    Love what you have
  • Ashey
    Charlotte NC
    Your day begins with great hair....
  • Kemi
    United States
    Shake and go
  • Nikki
    New Jersey
    Your inner health and beauty is most reflected in your hair.
  • Isoken
    I love my hair to hot and Sexy Curly and Wavy
  • Aisha
    Hair is the ultimate accessory
  • Nadia
    I love Arjuni hair!
  • Dr. LaKeidra
    Orlando, FL
    Obedient hair is a woman's crown & glory! The flow of her tresses tells a lot of her story! Yes gawd hunni!
  • Erhina
    New york
    I am worth it!
  • Jessica
    Los Angeles
    The best accessory a girl can have is her hair.
  • Tina
    Long hair don't care!
    "There is no compromise."
  • Reya
    Tallahassee, FL
    I love curls for days!
  • Regina
    United States
    I don't need to wear a weave. I enjoying it!
    "My hair, like my men, should be perfect for me."
  • Musu
    Bigger the better
  • Maude
    Washington, DC
    I just like looking prettier :)
  • Kat
    Tampa, Fl
    Big hair, big attitude! My hair determines my day ♡
  • Sandra
    New York
    No fuss.. No care.. When Arjuni is there
  • Jami
    Only the best will do.
  • Fernandell
    Good hair, creating style., creating confidence !!
  • Leslie
    Tallahassee, FL, USA
    Perfecting Precision One Head At A Time
  • Letitia
    Nice and Easy
  • Jenifer
    Bristow, VA
    My extensions must match my texture
  • D'Anna
    Miami, Florida USA
    Yes it's mine!
  • Courtni
    The higher the hair, the closer to God!
  • Yolanda
    I love to look good
  • Trice
    fort worth, tx
    Pure, fresh, sexy hair. Nothing less than the best!
  • Yewand
    Houston TX
    I like my hair like I look, flawless
  • Brittany
    Montgomery, AL
    I love big luxurious hair with minimal shedding and tangling!
  • Monique
    Tampa, FL
    Hair is the ultimate accessory!
  • Deonna Jackson
    Philadelphia, pa
    People always ask me how long it took to grow my hair. I don't know, I'm never there.
  • Avriana
    Jacksonville FL
    I love good quality hair and all things fabulous.
  • Lee
    Dallas tx
    Exclusive not inclusive
  • Nickia
    Fort Washington, MD
    Healthy hair is beautiful hair!
  • Aaisha
    united states
    I prefer my hair like my style versatile
  • Schuyler
    I love hair
  • Natalie
    My life may not be perfect, but my hair is
  • Shneail
    Aventura, FL
    Only time I try to blend in is when it concerns my installment...
  • Renalta
    I prefer my hair like my men...tamed.
  • Stephanie
    los Angeles
    Sex starts with the hair!
  • Ursula
    Minneapolis, MN USA
    Gorgeous locks, come easy with ARJUNI.
  • Shonda
    Atlanta, GA
    Flawless hair is a must..
  • Bunmi
    Washington, dC
    Life is too short to have boring hair
  • Asha
    Los Angeles, California
    I woke up like this.
  • Chequetta "Jones"
    as long as my hair is on point, who cares what i have on.
  • Tanesha
    Quality hair is a MUST!
  • Jacque
    Kansas City
    Great hair is like accessories, a Must
  • Velma
    Full and flowing with lots of body
  • Chermon Hepburn
    Charlotte NC
    Protection is the key to long strong hair.
  • Cateshia
    Columbia SC
    I love my Arjuni tresses!!!!
  • Lisa
    No Stresses from my Tresses
  • Renee
    Freeport, NY
    My hair my crown of glory
  • Lauren White
    Let's get twisted
  • Tracy-Ann
    Benton Harbor, MI
    My Hair is my Crowning Glory
  • Sonja
    The bigger the better.
  • Kendra Edwards
    You dont wear the same shoes everyday, why do the same with your hair?
  • Jenevieve
    Washington DC
    Keep it cute
  • Marcellina
    St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
    It's an investment and it's my investment.
  • Nana
    My Hair today, a weave tomorrow
  • Karen Hudson
    San Antonio Texas
    Beauty at the Most
  • Gabrielle Houston
    When it looks real, it is real!
  • Tracy
    New jersey
    I only want and wear the best!
  • Nikki
    San Francisco, CA
    My hair is an extension of my soul: durable, versatile, imperfect, but pure.
  • Lori
    Chapel Hill, NC
    Loose wave with a slightly course texture is what I'm in love with!
  • Faith
    Maryland USA
    As long as it's Arjuni
  • Adwoa
    My hair must always look great
  • Mo Obasi
    Nothing makes me confident like a good hair.
  • Nashawnda
    I just love hair.
  • Khallilah
    Miami fl
    Keep calm and embrace Arjuni
  • Lakeida wilder
    Atlanta, GA
    I prefer my extensions virgin.
  • Tiffani
    Birmingham, AL
  • Erika
    I like my hair curly with no fuss.
  • Jessica
    Savannah, GA USA
    I love weave...but it must look like it grew from this scalp!
  • Adeola
    merrillville, in
    flawless low maintenance
  • Phylicia
    Philadelphia, PA,
    Always natural
  • Charise
    Miami, FL
    Minimum effort, maximum glamour
  • Nadia
    Miami, Fl
    I love my hair like I love my men. BIG. BLACK. HEALTHY.
  • Sophia
    Mobile, Al
    I love my hair curly, soft, supple and long
  • Erica
    Charlotte, nc
    If you don't have good hair then what do you have.
  • Shaquila
    Washington, DC USA
    Your hair is your crown.
  • Channelle
    Greensboro NC, USA
    Hair is meant to change!
  • Niya
    Baltimore, MD
    I like my hair like my men, big and bad.
  • Lisa
    Atlanta, Georgia
    It must be top quality- like me.
  • Destiny
    Big hair don't care!
  • Jasmin
  • johnelle
    north Carolina
    Natural looking
  • meka
    United States
    natural hair
  • Tiyana
    Washington, DC
    Keep it cute.
  • Janice
    Phnom Penh, Cambodia
    I prefer my hair like my men. Minimal fuss.

The Collectiv

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The Collectiv launches 1 December 2014. Access to Arjuni will then be limited to members. Membership is by invitation only.

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